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Consulting Philosophy

When working with clients, I have a very simple goal – to help improve their situation as much as possible.  This simple guiding principle leads me to work differently with every client.  So, I tailor my approach to each situation.

That said, I generally find that:

So, in most situations, I guide the client’s team through a structured process of:

During this process,  I offer my perspective, since outside input can be critical, but my main role is to facilitate, not to dictate. I focus on helping the management team develop their ability resolve IT management issues independently.

It is important to understand that improving managerial issues requires much more than insightful analysis of the technical and structural problems.  It requires understanding and adapting to the people, to the emotional environment of the group. In order to be effective, solutions must be implemented.  And the difference between plans that are adopted and those that sit on the shelf untouched is largely determined by how well they navigate the vulnerabilities, power struggles, interpersonal conflicts, and insecurities of the group.


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