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Healing Client Relationships

A Professional's Guide to Managing Client Conflict


Long term client relationships are the life blood of a professional service practice, but too often, professionals lose clients through conflict.  This short book will show you how to manage client conflict and restore relationships to health and profitability.  Whether you are a solo operator or a part of a worldwide firm, healing client relationships is a critical part of your job.

You will learn:

+ What to do when a client complains

+ How to take control of conflict

+ How to handle emotional clients

+ Why clients become dissatisfied

+ How to avoid making things worse

+ How to prevent conflict


Praise for Healing Client Relationships

"A superb, organized approach to resolving client conflict in professional service firms, quickly and surely."

Alan Weiss, PhD., CMC, Author, "The Ultimate Consultant"


"You've written a book here that I probably need to re-read about 20 times, and which I need to put into practice immediately!"

Dana Friedman, Board of Directors of Independent Computer Consultants Association


"Should be mandatory reading for all consultants."

Jerald Savin, CPA, CMC, Past National Chairman, Institute of Management Consultants USA


"With these checklists in mind, consultants can become much more alert, thus 'heal themselves' and develop a fresh, new level of attunement with their clients' universe. How needed!"

Agnes Mura, President Professional Coaches and Mentors Association


"Wonderfully brief and to-the-point. Sooner or later everybody ticks off a customer or client. Use this guide to help you do damage control and win back the client you thought you might have lost."

Dr. Mark Goulston, Syndicated columnist and author of "The Six Secrets of a Lasting Relationship"


"This is an outstanding guide to handling clients and healing professional relationships."

Robert Steere, Director of Consulting Services, Deltanet


"Paul Glen gets straight to the point with practical, helpful advice."

David Maister, Author "Managing the Professional Service Firm"


"Healing Client Relationships arms the professional with the tools to keep clients by keeping them happy. The Relationship Healing Process is a surefire way to take the fear and guesswork out of solving client conflicts."

Ian Bogost, Director of Technology, Media Revolution