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Customized Coaching

I frequently work with selected clients in a style best described as coaching. Each engagement is customized to meet the goals and constraints of a particular client.

Coaching is generally focused on individuals or groups enhancing their abilities to perform in their current jobs, meet goals and advance in their careers.  

Coaching technical individuals or teams requires more than just an understanding of human behavior and management.  It also requires a keen understanding of the nature of technical work, processes, constraints and personalities.  That is why I specialize in working with technical managers and teams.

There are four types of coaching I usually do, and often the types are combined.  They are:

Scheduled Individual Coaching

Scheduled Individual Coaching focuses on improving aspects of an individual manager's performance.  

Together we focus on:

Typically we meet by phone once every week or every other week for about an hour.  We establish specific goals and talk through progress toward meeting them.

On-Demand Individual Coaching

On-Demand Individual Coaching focuses on helping manage situations that are in progress.  Rather than focusing on long term issues, this type of work focuses on meeting immediate challenges.

I offer feedback and advice on:

Typically clients contact me as issues arise.  They call with questions related to ongoing situations at work.  They email me documents to review .  They email me with background and less critical issues.  We follow up on issues to help manage situations and monitor results.

Project Team Coaching

Project Team Coaching focuses on helping a temporary group of people achieve a particular result.  

I work with a project team to help:

Typically we meet  in person or on the phone weekly depending on the phase of the project.  I usually am present more often in the initial and final phases of a project, the most vulnerable and critical times.

Management Team Coaching

Management Team Coaching focuses on helping a stable technical management team work better together and to better partner with their external stakeholders and suppliers.

I work with a management teams to help them with issues related to:

Typically we meet face to face quarterly and then by phone more frequently. The initial meeting is typically a two day group off-site meeting to establish goals, identify issues and begin the process of transformation.  

How to get started

To explore whether the coaching would be appropriate and valuable for your organization, contact Paul Glen for a personal consultation by calling 310-694-0450 or emailing at the address below.